Give feedback
In addition to the operations of City of Turku, you can also give feedback on the services of Föli – Turku Region Public Transport, and the Vaski libraries within their spheres of operation.

The feedback service cannot be used for issues related to billing (excluding reminders for stormwater bills) or to cancel reservations. For detailed instructions, click About service. We use reCAPTCHA service to prevent automatic junk mail.

Feedback service

You can use the feedback service to provide praise, complaints or development ideas on City services, operations and decision-making. In addition to the operation of the City of Turku, you can submit feedback on the operations of Turku Region Traffic Föli as well as Vaski libraries within their spheres of operation. Each piece of feedback is valuable to us in improving our services. The feedback also accumulates information on the most common issues on the minds of the residents. The feedback service is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Submitting feedback

When submitting feedback, please describe your situation, wish or problem appropriately and as accurately as possible. Please be sure to also mark the place or area related to your feedback on the map, if the map is displayed in connection with the feedback. Attaching a relevant image will also make it easier to process your feedback. Please also include your contact details so that we can contact you for additional information, if necessary.

The feedback service cannot be used for issues related to City invoices, cancelling appointments or submitting job applications.

E-mail services may interpret replies to feedback as spam. If you are waiting for a reply to your feedback, be sure to also keep an eye on your e-mail spam folder.

Giving feedback is protected by reCAPTCHA service. Its purpose is to prevent sending automatic junk mail. Most often the user does not even notice it because it works in the background of the feedback service. In some cases, however, the user can be identified as a robot and a captcha is required from the user so that the feedback can be given.

The use of service requires a browser with JavaScript on.

User ID and registration

You do not need a user ID for using the service or submitting feedback. You can, however, create a user ID for the service, making it possible for you to comment on and monitor your feedback. You need a functional e-mail address for creating a user ID. Submitting feedback while signed in also facilitates the processing of feedback that is not published, but that requires further information. The following section offers more information on commenting.

Commenting on feedback

Some feedback types are open to comments, which enables discussion between the feedback provider and processor. Feedback providers who are signed in can only comment on their own feedback. If the feedback is published in the service, any comments on it are also made public. The processors have the right to edit comments if they contain personal data or inappropriate text.

Openness of Feedback

Feedback will be published in the Turku Feedback Service, in the Guide Map Service of the Turku region, the RSS feeds and the Open Feedback Interface. Feedback related to Education Division, services of Arkea or Fazer Food Services will not be published. The contact information of the feedback providers will not be made public.

Other feedback will not be published automatically either. The inclusion of any profanities or insults, etc. will cause that the feedback will not be published. Neither will this kind of improper feedback be answered.

The feedback provider may uncheck the ‘Feedback can be published’ box while submitting their feedback, which means that the feedback will not be published. In this case, the feedback will only be visible to the processors of the feedback and the feedback provider, as long as they have provided their contact details and registered for the service.

The feedback processors also have the option of preventing the feedback from being published.